Posted by KING HIGH CROSS COUNTRY on Oct 05 2022 at 08:03AM PDT

King Cross Country receives $2000 and half of our stipends from the school. All remaining financial needs are left up to us. It totals about $18,000 when we are said and done. So, we need all hands on deck. Will you help? We need you!

We ask that all athletes contribute $100 to the program through donations from family, friends, or local businesses. That won’t get us all the way to the finish line, but we will make up the balance through a variety of other forms.

1) Donations – our Booster Club is a 501.c.3 Non Profit. All donations are tax deductible!
2) Sponsorships – Local businesses can buy an ad that will run on our website.
3) Amazon Smile will donate a small percentage to our program every time you buy on Log into your account and designate us as your charity: Martin Luther King High School Cross Country-Track Booster Club.
4) Dinners out – We will have several “dine outs” coming at local restaurants. They then turn over 20-25% of your tab to King XC!

Volunteers are needed to work the Riverside Course Parking Lot, both at meets King XC will be
competing there AND meets that we are not. King earns 30% of the profits we gain from the
parking lot gate. That’s been a GREAT way for us to make money. Please sign up at

Athletes can use the following methods to help raise money for the team.

Donations (Parents or friends can donate directly, any amount) CLICK THE TABFUNDRAISING INFOABOVE FOR ACTIVE LINKS

Sponsorships – Companies can get a tax write-off for their donation. CLICK THE TABFUNDRAISING INFOABOVE FOR ACTIVE LINKS

Do you buy on Amazon? (Who doesn’t?!) If you do, even on a small basis, by using the “” link when you buy and signing up to have a portion of your purchase to go “Martin Luther King Cross Country Track Booster Club” Amazon will send us quarterly checks.

It costs nothing for you to do this, except for a couple of minutes to register your “charity of choice” and select our booster club as the recipient, and then buy all future amazon products on rather than just

Will you help? Thank you! Sign up today at! Click here for more information