King Endures The Heat of CIF

Posted by KING HIGH CROSS COUNTRY on Nov 16 2021 at 09:55AM PST

The Championship phase of the season arrived and both King girls and boys headed to Mt.SAC for the CIF Prelims with the hopes of qualifying for the CIF Finals. The Prelims advance the top 16 teams to that CIF Finals and at that meet, the top 7 will move on to the State Meet while the rest end their respective seasons. The stage was set and the weather during the races topped at 84 degrees, to make it quite a hot day in mid November!

The Boys raced first as Gray Mavhera took no time to make his way to the leaders and had one of the best performances of the day with his 8th place finish. Matthew Gwynn and Jack Slavin both ran strong races as they both placed themselves in the middle of the pack of Arcadia High – the #3 seed of the field – and went after them in the second half of the race with Gwynn placing 17th and Slavin placing 23th. David Bedoya continued his great postseason form and broke into King’s top 5 again and is becoming one of King’s best assets as he placed 28th in the race. Nathan Curtner again showed he is the man to count on as he was the 5th man to score for the team and proved to be the vital final punch to secure King Boys hopes of making it past to the next round with his 33rd finish. Julian Morgan placed 44th in the race while fighting a recent cold and looks to be all ready to go for next week’s race as he is sure to bounce back into the top 5 scorers. To finish off his remarkable year, Brayden Lunetta ran his first ever CIF race as a FRESHMAN and put in a good fight as he placed 56th and got good experience on how it feels to be in a high stake race. Coach Sandoval told the boys before the race “Today is about taking care of business, not about running our best, just about qualifying, so let’s take care of business” and they sure took care of business! The Boys placed 3rd in their heat and placed 12th overall to secure their post into CIF Finals! They will keep their sights on the top 7 and make a strong attempt at qualifying for State.

The Girls followed as they raced later in the day and the temperatures kept rising, Audrey Brunken and Andrea Guadian both scorched the course as they both attempted to qualify into the next round as individuals by placing in the top 6.

Brunken placed 5th to secure her spot into the next round while Guadian placed 9th in an amazing effort and finished her season. Andreya Goodson had a gutsy race as she placed herself in a fast group and held on as long as she could to place 36th for the girls. Emely Ruiz had an off day as she struggled through the race and placed 59th. It does not take away however anything from all she has accomplished this season as being one of the standouts of the team.

Sarah Pietrantonio just held off the kick of Ava Harper as they both ran aggressive races and placed 82nd and 83rd. Gardemia Sandoval was in the race next to Sarah and Ava but on a turn going up Switchbacks, she twisted her ankle and couldn’t finish the race as she limped off to the medical tent. The Girls placed 7th in their heat and placed 21st overall as their season as a team has come to an end. The Girls finished a fantastic season as they learned a lot about what a real cross country season is like after the COVID-altered season of 2020. They can look to come back next year and make it further than this year! All the coaches are proud of the girls season even with the abrupt ending at Prelims, they see this season as a success and seek to improve more in the Track season to come.

The Boys team and Audrey Brunken now move on to CIF Finals and will seek to qualify for the State Finals. The season keeps going, at least one more week.


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