A Good Day At The Beach

Posted by KING HIGH CROSS COUNTRY on Oct 07 2021 at 07:44PM PDT

On October 2nd in the morning of homecoming, King Cross country chose to go off for some fast racing before hitting the dance floor at night. The meet was the Central Park Invitational in Huntington Beach.

King started with the Boys Varsity who showed true strength in the race by placing 4th without Gray Mavhera and Damien Zemanek. Jack Slavin showed fight and consistency with another performance under 16 min with his 15:56 time and 11th place finish, Julian Morgan and Matthew Gwynn held strong with their 16:10 (Morgan) and 16:15 (Gwynn) respectively.

Nathan Curtner and David Bedoya showed strong finishes as Bedoya went under 17 for the first time and by 20 seconds with his 16:40! Jack Slavin after the race said, “I got in the groove of the race and stayed there, I know I can push myself more and be more up, off to the next race” with optimism of his ability and looking towards the next races.

The Girls Varsity followed with a 10th place finish with Audrey Brunken and Andrea Guadian with top performances of 18:33 (Brunken) and 18:49 (Guadian). Andreya Goodson (20:23) and Ashlyn Richmond (21:46) showed performance while Patricia Dacasin ran her first Varsity race with an all time PR of 22:48.

Boys JV obtained 6th place in their race with standouts Rodriguez (14th place), Flores (16th place), Stokes (50th place), and Stuckey (80th place) showing again some tough racing, while newcomer Adrian Pulido showed great fight for his essential 5th man finish.

In the Freshman races King had very strong leaders with both Brayden Lunetta and Ava Harper leading their respective races at a time in the races and finished with a 2nd for Lunetta and 3rd for Harper.Joseph Or also impressed with his 12th place finish with some top competition.

The Sophomore Boys ran a very good tactical race with Seth Robinson getting a top 10 finish with an all time best of 18:19!

The last race of the day was the Girls Sophomores who had their sights on 1st place and obtained that goal in flying colors with Emely Ruiz leading and winning the race followed by Kaylee Magno in 2nd, Gardemia Sandoval in 3rd and Leah Pendleton in 4th! This race became even better when the battle for the 5th spot was well fought by Mia Castaneda and Savanna Martin who have never scored for a race but both did an excellent job in securing the team title. Isabella Anthony also ran an aggressive race and received her first medal in cross country making the whole team in the top 40!


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