Posted by KING HIGH CROSS COUNTRY on Dec 10 2019 at 01:51PM PST

The coaching staff will select athletes for the competitive season based on the following criteria:

1. Displays a Consistent Positive Attitude. Athletes of any ability level who are viewed by the coaching staff during the summer camp or during the prior season(s) as being negative toward their teammates, the sport, training, the coaching staff or the well-being of the program will not make the team. Such attitudes are detrimental to the team bonding process and will not be tolerated.
Prior experience with King Cross Country will NOT guarantee a position on the team.
Internet/Facebook/Twitter posts, texting or other electronic communication that is damaging to individuals or the team as a whole will not be tolerated and if discovered will be grounds for dismissal from the team
Such characteristics of negativity, should they arise during the competitive season (after selection has been made) may result in mid-season dismissal from the team.

2. Shows Consistent Quality Effort in practice. Athletes who make a habit of walking for any part of a practice after the first two weeks of the summer practice schedule will not be selected for the competitive season. Deliberately cutting a prescribed route to gain a shorter distance is viewed as showing a distinct lack of effort.

3. Demonstrates a Minimum Ability Level. Concerns of safety and liability require that the coaches be able, within reason, to monitor all runners on the team. Therefore, runners must demonstrate the ability to run at an adequate speed to ensure visibility and group contact. Much effort will be made by the coaches during the summer camp to motivate and instruct all runners to be able to maintain reasonable contact with the group. Should a runner NOT be able to consistently finish workouts without walking, within a reasonable time-gap of the group, such a runner will not be selected for the competitive season.

All athletes must meet minimum time standards to make the team.
Below is a listing of the marks for both ROOKIES and VETERANS.
In order to be eligible to race, all athletes on the roster (rookies and veterans alike) must meet the time requirements for 3 miles on a time trial that will be held at the end of Summer Camp.
Standards for competition are:
9-11th grade rookie girls: 25:30
9-11th grade rookie boys: 23:30
12th grade rookie girls: 23:30
12th grade rookie boys: 20:45

Veterans of King XC must meet an individual standard by the third time trial. There will be no extensions of time for this requirement. Getting in shape prior to Summer Camp is an expectation:
Run a three mile course in their 2019 pace per mile PR + 90 seconds.

Click here to see the times returning runners must meet (coming soon)

NOTE: Improvement over your time spent in our program is an expectation. Therefore, if a KXC veteran’s 2019 pace-per-mile PR + 1:30 window pushes their qualifying mark ABOVE the rookie standard for your grade, then that veteran must the rookie standard for their grade level (9-11 or 12th grade rookie standard) by 20 seconds.

As always, coaches’ discretion in final team and competition eligibility remains in effect for extenuating circumstances.