Posted by KING HIGH CROSS COUNTRY on Oct 28 2019 at 12:50PM PDT

By most measures, the 2019 boys varsity team is a good one. Lots of experience, several seniors, talent … the parts are there.

But for whatever reason, all those parts have yet to show up together on the same day in the same race. Like an engine who has 3 or 4 of it’s 8 cylinders not running in sync, this team has struggled to find its rhythm and power.

On Saturday, while the rest of the cross country team was at the Riverside Invitational, the boys traveled to the 72nd running of the Mt.SAC Invitational. Entered in the Sweepstakes race, the fastest of the day, they were hoping the setting would bring out the best in them.

Unfortunately, the team sputtered and missed that opportunity. It wasn’t a “bad” day, but it certainly left much to be desired.

Sophomore Gray Mavhera was one who had a good day, racing a superb second half to finish well. Junior Edgar Ortega did the same, the two seemingly running with the same strategy. Austin Fortenberry, whose physical size would make a hilly course like SAC a double challenge, actually proved to be greater than the hills and ran an impressive race. Mitchell Machuca was the first King runner across the line but admitted after that he misjudged the hills and finished with gas in the tank. Brian Green was 5th for the Wolves, while Francisco Zavaleta and Malachi Cabanilla rounded out the squad at 6th and 7th respectively.

Mt.SAC is a course that can cause a runner or a team to misjudge the challenge. King’s boys – a good team – is looking to find that race in which all seven on the line race like most judged they would back at the start of the season.

With just the championship rounds left to go, there is still time to rev it up and hum along … just like they know they can.

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